Maynooth Captains Address ahead of CCAO Third Level Camogie Weekend

The days are numbered until the CCAO Third Level Camogie Weekend. Queens Camogie Belfast give their thoughts in the build up for the  pinnacle of the Third Level Camogie compeitions. Maynooth Captain Sarah Ann Quilian looks ahead to the Ashbourne weekend in 13 days time.

The Maynooth panel for the 2016 Purcell Cup

The Maynooth University panel for the 2016 Purcell Cup

On behalf of my teammates and management, it is with great honour to be part of this year’s Purcell Cup with Maynooth University. This is my third playing with Maynooth and it has been a privilege to play with a group so committed to our sport and dedicate their time and efforts to play not only with Maynooth but their clubs and counties respectively. Congratulations to NUI Galway on hosting this very special event. Thank you to Mark, Kristina and Louise for their time and guidance this year, let’s hope it’s one to remember!!

Maynooth Captain Sarah Ann Quilian

Maynooth University Captain Sarah Ann Quilian


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